This image is at about 25 per cent native resolution. has released a touchless doorbell that removes the need to press a button – anyone coming to the front door stands on a doormat placed at a safe distance to ring the chime, with the process managed by video analytics.

“When I go to answer my door, I can avoid that awkward moment where we are standing too close together,” explained Allison Beach,’s managing director of research and development. “Since they are already not within arm’s reach of my door – 6 feet away – I can open the door and feel more comfortable.”

According to a press release, when a person is detected, the doorbell immediately triggers the existing chime in the home, sends a mobile alert to the homeowner and starts recording a video clip. Homeowners can see and speak with visitors through the doorbell’s live HD video and 2-way audio.

Other features of the video doorbell include:

* 150-degree vertical field-of-view that gives homeowners a full head-to-toe image of visitors and clear look at packages left on the doorstep
* Optimized portrait viewing on mobile so there’s no need to rotate the mobile device
* Full HD resolution, HDR, and infrared night vision
* Onboard heater for low temperature operation
* Live video and saved clip viewing using the mobile app or website.