Corsight AI has launched a facial recognition solution that has the ability to speedily and accurately identify persons, bypassing obstructions to clear facial view such as face coverings and bad weather.

The system is powered by Autonomous AI, which the company says is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence system, and backed by more than 250 patents.

Corsight AI said its new facial recognition technology surpasses the human brain’s ability to register and accurately identify individuals, regardless of whether they are wearing a protective face mask or other covering, whether they are in low-light or extreme weather conditions, or if photos are taken at acute angles or of large crowds.

The biometric solution is camera and hardware agnostic, can easily fit into any existing security system, and allows for a more accurate and comprehensive detection of identifying features.

Features of Corsight AI:

* The Highest ranked Western Facial recognition in the wild test of November 2020 by NIST
* Can detect and recognise faces wearing an N.95 rated mask, even above the nose.
* Best system for head turn or tilt, in fact, can capture faces and recognise faces sideways or upside down – means can use cameras that are mounted too high
* Any IP camera works as only RTSP stream required
* Captures images at 25 FPS not 3 tracks, so can have a name box above the suspect in live mode
* Corsight can blur faces for privacy in live mode, not only in playback
* Claimed to be the best algorithm for very low light and very bright light
* Can alert on wearing or not wearing a mask.