The LOX EM3500 Series electro magnetic lock range, available from LOX Locking distributors, is a comprehensive Electro Magnetic Lock range with up to 280kg holding force. It is one of the most reliable and most successful Electro Magnetic Locks in the Australian market.

These monitored magnetic locks have a built-in Hall Effect sensor for monitoring the lock/unlock status of the locking device (LSS – lock status sensor), a built-in reed switch contact for monitoring the open/closed status of the door (DSS – door status sensor), highly visible red/green LED status light and an anti-tamper fixing plate to avoid hostile attacks targeted on the dome-nut-fixing bolt of the armature plate.

Accessories include a LOX mounting plate for EM3500/M; the AMGB4-12 LOX U-shaped armature holder for glass doors for the EM3500/M and EM3500D/DM; the AMZB4LP LOX L and Z bracket for inwards opening doors for EM3500/M and EM4700; and the AMAB4 LOX armature holder and dress plate for glass doors for the EM3500/M.

Features of the EM3500:

* Door and Lock Status monitoring Sensor (DSS & LSS with monitored models)
* Built-in varistor (MOV) surge protection
* CE/RCM Approvals
* Anti Tamper Mounting Plate (with “M” models)
* High visibility red/green Status Light Panel
* Lifetime warranty
* Up to 4-hour fire rated – AS Standard
* No residual magnetism.