The Security Industry Association has released its list of 2021 Security Megatrends – while there’s nothing unexpected on the list, there are a number of thought-provoking areas from the point of view of installers, integrators and their suppliers.

“Artificial intelligence is resoundingly the dominant Security Megatrend for 2021,” said Pierre Trapanese, chair of the SIA board of directors. “AI is the underlying trend driving future technological advancements in the security industry, and ultimately AI offers the promise of making security and safety solutions more effective, efficient, automated and responsive to users and customers.

“The adoption of AI by the security industry will not, however, be an overnight change; instead, it will shape the long-term evolution of security solutions and will be an avenue for growth, competition and creativity for many years to come.”

The full SIA Security Megatrends list includes:

* Artificial intelligence
* Cybersecurity of physical security
* Predictive data analytics
* Connectivity and IoT of everything
* Cloud computing
* Touchless & frictionless solutions
* Facial recognition
* Responsive environments & intelligent spaces
* Emphasis on data privacy
* Move to service models.