The SMART Innovations range of universal readers offers a high level of connectivity and security and is now available from Seadan Group.

The no-touch SL Mini gives you the ability to use your smartphone as an access credential with an adjustable Bluetooth reading distance of up to 15m – it can also use NFC to read authorised credentials.

This product is universal in its format capabilities – it can read HID/EM/MIFARE and DESFIRE(CSN) credentials embedded into security swipe card or fobs. It can also interact with low frequency (125KHz) and high frequency (13/56MHz) technologies, and has encrypted password protection capabilities for extra security and peace of mind, as well as a lifetime warranty.

SMART access solutions also allow users to trade in the traditional methods of credential storage, such as fobs or swipe cards, and use a person’s phone to hold their identity, reducing the risk of lost or stolen credentials. A bonus is that once you have purchased a credential with SMART Innovations, it’s yours for life.

SMART Innovations’ range is exclusive to The Seadan Group, for more information click here.