Inner Range has integrated Integriti with Traka key cabinets and lockers, an integration that gives Integriti the ability to create and edit users within Traka as well as monitor the activities of those users.

By using these features, Integriti system administrators can realise benefits such as reduced administration costs, central management of user information as well as a recorded history of a user’s interaction with Traka key safes and lockers.

When giving an Integriti user permission to use the Traka Key Safe or Locker it is possible to send the following Integriti information to Traka:

* First name
* Last name
* First date the user is able to use the key safe or locker
* Last date the user is able to use the key safe or locker
* If the user’s access has been cancelled
* Pin number for unlocking without a card, or to be used for 2-factor authentication.

It is also possible to send the user’s access control card data so that the user is able to use their regular access control card to unlock the relevant Traka key safes and lockers.

Integriti’s ability to monitor events allows system administrators to create powerful reports which not only contain information on when a user arrived at the building but also details which keys they accessed, when and for how long.

If there is an attempt to tamper with or illegally access items held in a Traka key safe or locker, Integriti can receive these events and take actions such as notifying security personnel or a central monitoring centre. For more information on this integration and others, please contact Inner Range on +61 3 9780 4300.