Orchid VMS provides local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface, with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices.

The Orchid web interface is hosted by one or more Orchid servers running on traditional Windows or Linux systems, NAS storage devices, or on supported embedded hardware. Orchid supports over 4500 IP cameras through the ONVIF Profile S specification. This cross-platform flexibility adapts to your existing infrastructure and reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs.

Orchid boasts a simple, sophisticated interface that offers a rich, engaging user experience. In addition to camera auto-discovery and configuration. Orchid also features an advanced capture engine that provides redundant edge- and rules-based alarm recording.

Supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, IE, and Firefox, there are unlimited user accounts with fixed roles, server OS options include Linux, and Windows, while Client Operating Systems include Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and OS X.

Functionality includes:

* Unlimited camera inputs
* Digital and optical PTZ
* Search analysis
* Timeline bar with motion events
* Playback is simultaneous live and recorded
* Video compression options include MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
* Motion Detection
* Motion-Only, Motion Variable Frame Rate
* Health and Troubleshooting
* Web Encryption options are HTTPSVideo EncryptionSRTP

Distributor: SensaTek
Contact: 1300 791 426