VICPOL is happy with the performance of the SafetyFlex Truckstopper units installed throughout the city, including on Bourke St Mall, along which a car sped yesterday before crashing into the bollards.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the police tried to pull over a Mitsubishi Lancer on Swanston Street after discovering that the car’s licence plates belonged to a different car and being blocked by trams it drove down the mall before crashing while attempting to turn.

“…Members of the public did exactly the right thing. They sought cover,” Assistant Commissioner Cornelius told ABC. “…They actually got behind the bollards and that put them in a position where they were safe…I am very happy with how the bollards performed yesterday.”

Assistant Commissioner Cornelius said police would still conduct a review of the effectiveness of the safety measures. Images of the scene showed the bollards remained operational after the impact.