Vivotek, a global provider of IP surveillance solutions, announces the launch and availability of the new IP9165-LPR (Street) license plate recognition kit.

With the adoption of snap-in corresponding IR LEDs and a built-in headlight filter, Vivotek says the standalone street monitoring camera system delivers the best results for license plate recognition in both the highest levels of glare and in the darkest hours of the night.

Empowered with Vivotek LPR scene mode, which provides different exposure levels to avoid overexposure in some lighting conditions, the kit can capture plate images from the vehicles moving at speeds of up to 100kmph. Value-added features such as digital image stabilization and i-CS lens (intelligent-CS) can be installed and adjusted.

The image quality of the IP9165-LPR kit ensures wide coverage of 2 lanes with 1 camera, whether used for expressway toll management or urban road surveillance. With a single IP9165-LPR kit covering dual lanes, the total cost of traffic monitoring will be reduced.

Additionally, in order to provide precise, reliable and authoritative data for use as evidence, the IP9165-LPR kit can simultaneously combine the LPR result and a snapshot of the linked camera, which is beneficial for law enforcement agencies.