Hanwha Techwin has launched 6 new PTZ PLUS cameras (XNP-9250/9250R/8250/8250R/6400/6400R) in compact designs that are 65 per cent lighter in weight.

The new PTZ PLUS cameras feature Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary chipset Wisenet7, as well as its unique 4K 25x lens and platforms. The cameras are available in 4K/6MP/2MP resolutions and 25x/40x zoom.

The lighter weight has increased the pan/tilt speed, while reducing the operator’s burden during installation. The cameras require engineers to simply match 3 points and twist for fastening between camera mounts. The installation convenience is also improved with a simple cable connection through a single RJ45 cable.

The cameras support Wise IR technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom, providing a 200m night vision. The powerful PTZ achieves a pre-set accuracy of ±0.1 degrees, allowing the cameras to move within 1 second to the correct position, while precise PTZ control offers close monitoring of objects. When an event occurs in a preset area, the focus save feature ensures that a camera can rapidly come into focus so that a desired object is monitored without missing.

One of the key features of the cameras include an extended tilt range of up to 110 degrees (Top 90 degrees ~ bottom 20 degrees) that ensures objects positioned above the cameras or in a sloped environment can be monitored. With the quick spin and heater installed, the first and second rounds of complete moisture removal prevent the camera lens from being blurred from moisture and external dust caused by snow and rain. A flexible bush is adopted for a single cable connection, giving enhanced waterproofing.

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