Australia’s Department of Defence – DSRG is seeking a security solution, a fire solution, and other support services for the HMAS Creswell naval base at Jervis Bay in NSW.

The services include design and related services in respect of the following works:

Waterfront security – this component of the application, which is public facing via HMAS Creswell Museum, is greenfield. Also in need of upgrade is the Jervis Bay Range Facility (JBRF) Security, with a particular focus on entry point security infrastructure to limit unauthorised access at JBRF.

Creswell consists of the Royal Australian Naval College and four other departments. The School of Survivability and Ship’s Safety teaches firefighting, damage control and nuclear, biological and chemical defence.

Meanwhile, the Beecroft Weapons Range across the peninsula offers targets for Naval Gunfire Support practice. The fourth department provides administrative support for all sections operating out of Creswell.

HMAS Creswell is heritage listed and this will impact on works conducted at the site. The tender closes on February 25 – you can find out more here.