StoneLock reports the integration of its GO biometric reader with Tyco Software House from Johnson Controls.

StoneLock GO delivers touchless authentication of users and simplified enrolment designed to protect the user’s privacy through its proprietary, ‘faceless’ recognition technology.

Meanwhile, Tyco’s Software House C•CURE 9000 access control solution allows customers to integrate seamlessly with critical security and business applications and manage through one user interface.

When integrated with the StoneLock GO, C•CURE 9000 is enhanced to ensure only pre-authorized employees are permitted contactless access to secured areas, eliminating the need to carry a badge or present credentials to a reader, unless required.

“Johnson Controls prides itself on its technological excellence through the ability to leverage new, innovative solutions,” said Kelsey Bourk, OEM product manager for Tyco Software House. “This integration delivers our customers seamless access for ultimate security protection and answers the critical security issues of today.”

StoneLock GO utilizes near-infrared technology to ensure safe, fast and accurate authentication of enrolled users. GO captures unique templates of enrolled users that are said to be unrecognizable outside of the StoneLock system, while making it universally compatible with all users regardless of gender, race, age or nationality.