Centaman Entrance Control is offering bullet-resistant glass as an optional extra for its high-security EasyGate SPT model speedgate.

“With increased concerns about gun violence, robberies and break-ins, we have had requests from some of our customers for a product that can withstand impact from ballistic rounds,” said Centaman Entrance Control general manager, Michael Bystram. “We are pleased to have found a solution for high-security sites,”

According to Bystram, government and defence buildings can boost their security with Centaman’s strongest and most durable barrier yet. He said the thick layered glass and a steel panel inside the cabinet work to stop bullets by absorbing their energy on impact.

“With a resistance class rating of BR3, the glass offers protection from up to a .357 magnum handgun,” Bystram said. “A custom-made inner frame holds the gate’s heavier wings and the addition of hinge capping helps to strengthen the glass. The gates are driven by a powerful magnetic direct drive motor.”

Centaman Entrance Control has been supplying, installing and maintaining entrance control solutions to suit a wide variety of organisations, including corporate offices, government, leisure, tourist attractions and stadiums around Australia for 15 years.