The Web Management System is a web-based system that allows the operator to generate reports, control devices and manage users from Challenger10 and ChallengerPlus panels.

ChallengerPlus supports 32 standard doors + 96 intelligent doors and 2 Lifts across 10 floors, along with 16 alarm inputs expandable to 1008 in 99 areas. But even in basic form, this system has plenty enough for most SME applications. The idea with ChallengerPlus is to ensure integrators don’t need to upsell endlessly to get the job done. Everything required for most applications is already there and in the latest version there are some neat capabilities to make management, installation and maintenance easier.

These include UltraSync connectivity integrated into the panel, Twin Trip detection, stay mode app and software arming, remote PIN change function, DHCP config, console warnings at the RAS for entry/exit times (that’s a thoughtful addition), as well as support for standard doors and standard lifts built in. There’s OSDP for reader comms and you can use Tecom smart cards, while Aperio and Salto Sallis are integrated into the ecosystem.

ChallengerPlus also features advanced diagnostics, remote configuration capabilities, encryption of communications, auto detection of expansion modules – and this is before you start delving into the expansion capabilities of the system itself. ChallengerPlus is also designed to make life simpler for integrators by minimising programming and config, while its ability to expand with the addition of Network Access Controller means there’s still tons of potential for growth.

The latest release of WMS offers the following new features:

* ChallengerPlus and ChallengerLEPlus support
* New software integration via REST API and WebSocket API
* Improved installation and upgrade of WMS
* Added search string in email body
* To view the full list of features and resolutions please download the market release notice here.