Stanley El Komala, BGW Technologies' senior product manager, intrusion.

BGW Technologies is expanding based on the success of its fast-growing intrusion business – brands in the intrusion segment include DSC Power Series, DSC Power Series NEO, PowerG Wireless, Impassa, Qolsys,, Kocom analogue and IP intercoms, as well as a full range of accessories.

“Due to strong growth across our intrusion business, BGW Technologies is appointing more dedicated technical sales engineers to drive further growth and to enhance support for its South Australian and Queensland regions,” said Robert Meachem, executive general manager.

“We have continued to take a very deliberate and focused approach to the intrusion segments by having dedicated product management with technical sales engineers across VIC, NSW and WA and, with that success and the growing demand in SA and QLD, it makes sense to invest in this segment, and in particular with new people in SA and QLD.”

According to Meachem, BGW Technologies has built its national business on the back of its technical expertise and value-add model, especially around high-end CCTV, with products such Panasonic, Milestone, Pelco, Dell, S2 and AT.

“We are lucky to have such great products and people to be able to grow our business and support our customers across all states of Australia,” he said.

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