What’s the best location for a glass break sensor and can you advise on test methods during commissioning – walk testing is not really an option.

When installing piezoelectic glass break sensors make sure you put them as close as possible to the windowpane and in direct line of sight.

You can’t go past the window frame as a mounting point for these units because if they’re not fixed to a solid structure they’ll give false Doppler shift amplification. Bear in mind that glass break sensors are not always useable with all types of glass.

In most applications you’d have to support a glass break with an internal sensor – reed, PIR or dual technology sensor – given entry might still be gained without breaking glass.

It can be tricky testing glass breaks during commissioning – Bosch makes one – you can find it here – and DSC makes one – chat to BGWT – and Hills carries a Sentrol glassbreak tester – you can find that here.