Johnson Controls Lithium-Ion risk prevention solution is designed for early-warning detection of battery failure in Lithium-Ion energy storage systems (ESS) and other applications using Lithium-Ion batteries such as UPS systems – including security applications and key pieces of infrastructure monitored by security systems.

Johnson Controls Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System features monitoring and reference sensors that continuously check battery racks for the presence of Lithium-Ion off-gases. Reference sensors provide ambient air data to the controller, while the monitoring sensors in the battery racks capture data adjacent to the Lithium-Ion batteries. The sensors detect Lithium-Ion off-gases in a concentration as small as one part per million (ppm) and are compatible with all Lithium-Ion chemistries.

When the sensors detect off-gas, they automatically communicate with the battery management system to shut down the affected battery stacks to help prevent thermal runaway. In applications where the off-gases can build and cannot be vented externally, an inerting system may be employed to help prevent the off-gases from igniting.

Johnson Controls Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System can be integrated into existing power storage systems as it requires no electrical or mechanical contact with battery cells. For integration with fire detection and suppression systems, it is used with AUTOPULSE, ZETTLER or FIRECLASS Detection and INERGEN or SAPPHIRE Inerting or Fire Suppression Systems.