Openpath’s reimagined digital badge gives system administrators new ways to address their company’s security policies and procedures with greater focus, flexibility and features.

The solution includes a customised digital badge design tool so the user’s physical ID badge and picture now match their digital credential, call or email for help feature to eliminate lock outs at the door, single sign-on app authentication through Okta to ensure security compliance and door auto-detect technology, which recognises the closest door on the home screen.

There’s also dynamic status tags can change the user’s work group or vaccination status in real-time, streamlined support options to determine where and how employee questions are answered, either via Openpath or directly to their company’s security operations centre (SOC) and touchless access control.

According to Openpath, the legacy of a physical keycard for identification being more secure than a digital keycard is no longer true. Mobile security has advanced, and the security vulnerabilities of a physical keycard, which are easily lost or cloned, remain.

Furthermore, mobile badging ensures a pervasive, unified safety and security experience across all of an organisation’s company apps, whether on browser or mobile, and for the first time, notifies companies right at the door if there is a cyber security issue, and gives them the appropriate steps to resolve it easily, quickly and efficiently.

While there will always be a role for the physical ID badge, Openpath has chosen to improve upon it by giving it a digital twin with features that other mobile solutions simply don’t offer, and customised solutions tailored to accommodate a company’s size, scale, and specific security needs. For example, many enterprise companies require staff to wear a physical credential for compliance purposes.

Supplementing that with a digital credential offers a fail-safe in the event the physical badge is damaged, or a second form of ID is needed to show an updated photo or other pertinent information, such as vaccination status.

“The beauty of the Openpath’s open architecture system is that it allows us to continuously innovate and create new options for companies that weren’t thought to be possible with older technologies,” said Alex Kazerani, CEO and co-founder of Openpath.

“We have been breaking barriers to mobile access control since day one and today we are so excited to deliver a new digital badge that surpasses the security of a physical badge, plus offers custom features and extensive functionality for system administrators of all types of companies and sizes.”