Eos says Hanwha’s new Wisenet AI NVRs are now available and offer “superb quality images of up to 8K with precise and efficient monitoring through integration with AI cameras”.

“They give users an amazing capacity to digitally zoom into large coverage areas without loss of detail,” said Andrew Cho of Eos Australia. “Users can also mouse over the video for a preview, making video and event search from multiple channels easier than ever. A new bookmark management function allows for easy retrieval and protection of video clips during an investigation.

“Artificial intelligence is integrated with Wisenet P series AI cameras, the new NVRs are able to read AI metadata generated by the edge device from deep learning algorithms, enabling operators to quickly search for objects (person, face, vehicle and license plate) and attributes associated with them. Support for dynamic events allows the system to receive alarm event triggers based on current license-free analytics as well as new analytics released in the future without requiring a firmware upgrade.”

Cho said the NVRs are also available in 64-channel, which includes dual redundant power supplies to ensure continuity of recording for mission-critical applications, as well as 32-channel configurations and support for simultaneous playback of all channels on a local monitor.

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