LILIN’s new mini PZD6422EX3 mini PTZ dome can be controlled with a PTZ keyboard (when used with compatible NVR), through a web browser, Navigator software, LILINHome app or via a home automation system.

LILIN’s range of PTZ cameras includes both non-IR and IR options-with IR distances reaching up to 200 metres, and features including configurable pre-set positions, programmable tours and auto-tracking (available on selected models).

The Mini PTZ PZD6422EX3 is 1080P HD IP66 rated dome camera featuring 3x optical zoom capability and the ability to capture highlights and shadows simultaneously, eliminating pixilation and smear. It also has an auto tracking function, is 360-degree controllable from major home systems and can easily integrate into any video control system via the free SDK.

All LILIN PTZ cameras can be controlled through the free LILINViewer and LILINHome apps. This includes:

* Manual adjustment of camera positions
* Control of camera zoom
* Trigger pre-set positions
* Playback.