Paxton Access has announced the launch of the latest addition to its line of wireless access control solutions, the PaxLock Pro – Mortise.

The smart lockset is designed for quick and easy installation to conveniently secure external facing doors. Available in black or white fascia with an Eclipse or Galaxy handle, the PaxLock Pro – Mortise is discrete and has a UL 10C fire rating, and is UL 294 rated for reliability of construction, performance and operation.

The PaxLock Pro line can be installed on a network or standalone as part of a Paxton10 or Net2 system. The smart lockset goes into sleep mode when not in use to preserve battery life and allows users to monitor events and battery status online, with alerts via email and SMS.

“When compared to a hard-wired solution, wireless door handles are a quick and cost-effective way to secure a door in a wide variety of building types,” said Samantha Cronin, Paxton product specialist.