GK Solutions’ newest physical security product is the Lokies Keyless Padlock, a smart padlock accessed through an app using a smartphone that supports an unlimited number of users.

The lock requires no key and allows remote access, restricted access by person, by date and time or by location, real-time location monitoring, real-time tamper alert and a full audit trail. It allows for the identification and management of multiple users with different levels of access authorisation.

The Lokies lock uses GPS/GLONASS, cellular technology, as well as its own Bluetooth connectivity, to provide unprecedented useability for a range of situations. Through GPS/GLONASS, Lokies provides real-time location tracking and access can be limited to a specific location (geo-fencing).

Users can grant or remove access from individuals as required in real time and authorisation can also be granted to users for specific dates and times only. Alerts and location information can be sent automatically through email, a web-based monitoring system or through an Android or iOS smartphone app.

The lock can be accessed remotely and is unlocked on-site using Bluetooth technology, or it can be driven remotely via a workstation. The Lokies’ software provides a detailed audit trail and real-time alerts of when, where and by whom the lock was accessed.

The lock’s shackle can be supplied in either hard or flexible options and, through clever use of fibre-optics, is able to detect and report on any attempted breaches in real time. Suited for a variety of markets, Lokies can be used to protect inventory, commercial goods, containers, storage facilities, gates, remote sites or cargo anywhere, either in-situ or on-the-move.

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