Dinion IP 3000i turret is compact - in the big image you can see the strong depth of field, as well as the epic angle of view.

Bosch Dinion IP 3000i Turret IR is a compact turret camera with a choice of 2.3 or 2.8mm F1.6 aperture fixed lenses and strong resolution of 3072 x 1728 pixels for a total of sensor area of 5.3MP. This offers 120dB WDR, low light performance of 0.1 lux in colour and 0.02 lux in monochrome, H.264 and H.265 compression, 15 metre IR and all Bosch’s clever firmware functionalities.

Bosch Dinion IP 3000i Turret is compact at 129 x 65mm and lightweight at 576g but for all its small size the camera surprised right from the start with its sure-footed performance in more than slightly horrible variable lighting conditions that moved between deep shadow and glaring backlight. Our settings are close to default for the test – sharpening is elevated and WDR is activated – and the camera shows off excellent all-round performance.

This should come as no surprise – we were very impressed with the Bosch 3000i Bullet recently and the camera engine is the same – but there’s something about the turret form factor that makes you think performance will be a compromise. Instead, what you get with the Bosch Dinion IP 3000i Turret is a very wide angle of view arm-in-arm with excellent resolution and a highly polished camera engine.

There’s a point – around 30 metres – where subjects move out of the lens’ optimum focal plane, as well as moving into the area of pixel spread, where softness is apparent. But within that distance through a monster 118-degree angle of view, Bosch’s Dinion IP 3000i Turret delivers strong sharpness, contrast and colour, and low blur. It’s a combination that makes this camera a real powerhouse for mid-range applications where you need to see most everything, all of the time.

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