Hikvision has signed a deal with the protective intelligence company, Scylla Technologies Inc, to explore opportunities for AI technology collaborations.

Scylla is an AI technology provider in the security and surveillance industry which specializes in preventive threat detection (PTD), vehicle identification and tracking (VIT), and smart suspect identification systems (SSIS).

The partnership between the companies includes integration of Scylla AI-powered systems with Hikvision cameras and NVRs, and exploration of how the Scylla technology can be used in Hikvision’s central management platform, HikCentral, enabling the advanced Scylla features across larger installations.

Using deep content understanding technology and machine learning methodologies, Scylla is helping customers and law enforcement agencies to increase the speed and safety of first responders. All of this is empowered by Scylla’s capabilities in image and facial recognition.

“We are very excited to work with Hikvision within this partnership agreement. We believe our collaboration will significantly benefit both the customers of Scylla and Hikvision by adding new capabilities, such as tracking suspect vehicles through multiple cameras and using thermal imagery for advanced weapon recognition,” said Albert Stepanyan, CEO and founder of Scylla.

Meanwhile, Jens Berthelsen, global partner alliance manager of Hikvision, said the Hikvision team was happy to build a partnership with Scylla.

“I believe Scylla’s advanced technology in AI-based protective intelligence will bring more possibilities to our products and solutions,” Berthelsen said. “And by joining Hikvision’s Technology Partner Program, Scylla benefits from the marketing framework of the programme to grow its business.”