Water Authority of Fiji is seeking a quotation for the supply and installation of a CCTV solution for Phase 1 of a project at WAF Central sites as detailed in the terms of reference of its RFQ.

Bidders are recommended to conduct a site visit at the HQ to understand the works outlined in the Scope of Works. Where Bidder provides quotes, it is assumed that they have fully understood and intended that the works shall be done in a manner where the staff’s life is unaffected. Interested persons intending to conduct Site Inspection are to contact the SPO for arrangement (detailed in the RFQ).

Water Authority of Fiji was established by the Government of Fiji to provide efficient and effective water and wastewater services in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner in 2007.

WAF’s operation covers 18,274 square kilometres of the 332 islands in the Fiji archipelago with water and wastewater network constituting more than 4313 kilometres and supplying about 116,342 mega litres of treated water annually to homes and businesses. nationwide.

The closing date: of the tender is April 7 – you can find out more here.