Australian Signals Directorate – Australian Cyber Security Centre seeks experienced sellers who have capability to engage with critical infrastructure sectors to identify common operational technology assets (hardware and software).

ASD’s CESAR package is working to identify more cyber threats, disrupt more cybercriminals offshore, build more partnerships with industry and government and protect more Australians.

These additional measures include protections for critical infrastructure facilities, strengthening our partnerships with industry and boosting the provision of cyber security advice to families, older Australians and small businesses.

ACSC is working with critical infrastructure owners and operators to understand and uplift their cyber security. The work will be informed and supported by the ACSC’s ongoing technical cyber security advice and guidance.

The supplier will undertake research, information gathering and engagement with critical infrastructure sectors including electricity, gas, water and ports, energy, food and grocery, transport and water and sewerage. The supplier will document the findings and deliver a report that identifies a prioritised list of the most common operational technology assets (hardware and software) for each sector.

This tender closes April 14 – you can find out more here.