Hikvision has announced the integration of its HikCentral video security platform with the Nedap AEOS Access Control Solution to provide single-platform operations for users with Hikvision and Nedap systems.

The integration, via Nedap AEOS Connector, provides event information, alarms, and person-data synchronization of access control and intrusion events between AEOS-connected hardware and HikCentral. This integration enables operators to manage doors, detectors and intrusion areas, as well as visually verify and handle alarms in HikCentral Clients.

“With the integration, security personnel are able to greatly enhance their situational awareness and control in large installations,” said Jens Berthelsen of Hikvision. “The integration leverages the Hikvision Optimus framework to ensure a long lifespan for the installation. It also makes future upgrades of both systems seamless and simple – without compromising the continuous operation.”

The Nedap AEOS Connector is developed under Hikvision’s latest Optimus framework, which enables systems integrators to easily tailor integrations to individual customers’ needs, building suitable workflows and event-to-action protocols. This is based on a very intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface that does not require coding.

“I feel very proud having Hikvision onboard our Technology Partner Program,” said Wesley Keegstra of Nedap. “Hikvision skipped half-measures and created a very complete integration for both access control and intrusion elements. Linking events and alarms to HikCentral creates a single-platform solution to visualize the status of a security system with the corresponding video recordings. Besides visualizing a system, users can also control it. Whether they open a door or lock one, or remotely arm or disarm an intrusion area.”

The Optimus and Nedap AEOS Connector are available for HikCentral version 1.6 and AEOS version 2019.1.5 and are ready for deployment now.