Australia’s Department of Home Affairs has begun an enterprise video management system transformation project across 6000 CCTV cameras operating on its 119 sites.

The Department of Home Affairs’ CCTV network is central to operations and an essential business asset for the Australian Border Force (ABF) covering video surveillance across airports, seaports, international mail gateways, container examination facilities, district offices, the National Monitoring Centre (NMC), the Australian Border Operations Centre (ABOC), National Uniform Store, armouries, and other ABF sites.

A core component of the DHA’s operational CCTV network is the video management system (VMS). The VMS is central to the coordination, management, access, recording and supportability of the CCTV network. DHA is looking to have the VMS at the core of its video intelligence capability, and wherever practically possible, to maximise the use of automation, artificial intelligence and machine decision making to increase the effectiveness of officer operations in the field.

The purpose of this RFI is to obtain market and product information from providers, as well as obtaining new information that will enable the department to improve requirement definition, design and specification, and then subsequently seek responses from the market in a future request for tender process.

This tender closes on April 30 – you can find out more here.