Digital identification is fast proving itself as a valuable alternative for how organizations manage access control, according to Gallagher.

With virtually everyone now owning a smartphone, mobile credentials provide a smart, flexible, and secure platform for sites with even the most complex of access control needs. Gallagher has identified 5 ways digital identification can benefit your site access control.

1. Increased security – Digital identification solutions like Gallagher’s Mobile Connect with Digital ID, offer trusted authentication methods with added security measures that extend beyond physical card abilities. This can include optional 2-factor authentication, providing an additional layer of security through biometrics on the device, such as fingerprint authentication or face ID.

Utilizing mobile credentials reduces the security risk of cards being misplaced and used by unauthorized people to breach site access. Given the cost and personal attachment of mobile devices, personnel may be less inclined to loan their smartphone to another user, in comparison to a physical card.

2. Greater convenience – Harnessing Bluetooth technology, mobile credentials streamline ID provisioning with the ability to issue and revoke credentials and digital IDs remotely. Mobile readers extend the range of card reading capabilities, enabling operators to verify a cardholder’s credentials, or remotely authorize a cardholder’s access to a zone.

For sites which require the management of credential verification for temporary contractors and visitors, remote provisioning allows access to be set up in advance of a user visiting a site and can be disestablished as and when required. In addition, photos, names, branding, and card layouts can all be quickly updated without the need for re-printing.

3. Reduced costs – Beyond the added convenience, utilizing digital identification solutions provides wider economic advantages that add to its appeal. By replacing physical cards with a digital alternative, it eliminates the need for the ongoing creation of new ID cards and the replacement of lost, stolen, or expired ID cards. For businesses that manage large influxes of employees, visitors, and contractors, this is a considerable cost-saving which can be better redirected to other areas of the business.

4. Less environmental impact – Unlike physical cards, digital credential alternatives won’t end up in the landfill at the end of their lifecycle, providing a much more environmentally-friendly option. Through the utilization of digital technology, such as Gallagher’s Digital ID and Mobile Connect app, credentials can be amended, created, or revoked as required, without generating excess wastage.

5. Streamlined communication – Once approved users are set up with mobile credentials, digital identification provides the ability to set up streamlined communication channels. Broadcast notifications can be sent to selected groups via Gallagher’s Mobile Connect to communicate important information efficiently, especially in emergency situations where timely communication is critical for the health and safety of staff and visitors.

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