According to Hills’ James Layton, the Hills and IDIS Savic electric motorcycle promotion has had a great reception, with high levels of interest in IDIS products thanks to the opportunity to win one of Australia’s first full-sized electric motorcycles.

“The Savic promotion has led to an influx of inquires from customers who maybe weren’t familiar with IDIS’ offering,” Layton said.

The promotion has been enhanced by the recent IDIS release of its revolutionary DV-3100 AI Box which takes video solutions beyond security. The DV-3100 offers functionality that adds value to video solutions including queue management, occupancy control, crowd detection and more. These functions are invaluable in a time where security teams must remain diligent to ensure continued control of COVID-19.

Hills is offering multiple to enter the Savic motorcycle prize draw, including buying IDIS products, and attending IDIS events – including training courses. The Hills and IDIS Savic promotion is running until November 30. For full details click here.