What’s the detection performance of the Ness Quantum sensor from the early 2000s and do you know its mounting height? We are working on an installation with a number of these sensors, all still working happily away, and are planning to reposition and rewire them in support of a new alarm access panel.

A: Ness’s Quantum dual technology sensor was engineered in Australia and features include inbuilt temperature compensation, 15m range with creep zone, selectable PIR pulse count adjustment and separate microwave range control.

There’s an NC dry contact with 47 series resistor (tamper, alarm relay), 20mA current draw with 28mA walk test, screwless snap-in circuit board locator, click height adjuster and 1.1-3.1m mounting height, microwave frequency of 10.525GHz.

Contact the Ness Corp team for more info on this sensor and the Ness intrusion detection range.