Risco’s Lunar dual technology 360-degree intrusion detector from C.R. Kennedy is an industrial-grade ceiling mount sensor with a maximum mounting height of 8.6 metres and a detection diameter of 18 metres.

The Risco Lunar Dual (RK200DTG3USB) has a 360-degree coverage pattern with a diameter of 18 metres, with the detection zones consisting of 192 fingers delivered by 96 fresnel facets in 3 lens sections. Adding to detection flexibility, each lens section has 4 vertical positions, allowing variable mounting heights and customised coverage.

Mounting height ranges from 2.7 metres to 8.6 metres with 4 lens positions according to installation height. The sensor’s intruder detection is dual technology (PIR+MW) with Anti-Cloak technology, GreenLine technology, built-in EOL resistors (triple EOL), temperature compensation, an operating voltage between 9-16V DC and a current consumption of 20mA at 12V DC, or 50mA with all LEDs on.

There’s optical filtering for white light protection, a PIR cover filter, RF immunity 40 V/m from 10MHz to 1GHz, operating temperature range from -20C to 55C and dimensions of 99mm x 194mm.