The big image shows the breadth of data on tap, as well as the sleek presentation. Temperatures can be monitored in those markets this technology applies.

SEN got a demo of Nirovision facial recognition solution at the company’s Sydney office recently and the system impressed with its seamless functionality, slick app and potential to lubricate investigations or answer security or operational questions of all kinds.

In lobbies, Nirovision Doorkeeper delivers touchless check-in using a dynamic QR code sign-in process, there’s visual contact tracing and, where appropriate, the system supports temperature analytics. Nirovision also offers labelling and dishes up alarm notifications in real time based on user defined lists that might be built around an individual or a group. The ongoing challenges of COVID are met with contact tracing capability that’s not only exceptional in its capacity to leave nothing out, but is empowered by unusually good user interfaces for mobile devices or workstations.

Eliana Bettio, who gives me a run through of the system, uses the word ‘consume’ to express the way the Nirovision data empowers end user operations, and looking at the simple yet profound data delivery in the reporting interfaces, underscores just what an appropriate term this is to describe Nirovision data delivery. There’s lots of information to be had, it’s accessble from anywhere and defining how much of it you get, how and why, is up to you.

Nirovision developed its face recognition solution as part of technological evolution initially driven by the capture and crunching of large volumes of event data – perhaps it’s this evolution that makes the Nirovision solution so compelling. The system allows the use of every face it sees to generate instant reports offering serious insights into site activities. Particularly valuable is its ability to create instant contact tracing reports locally or remotely but there’s way more user definable reporting capability than this.

Integration with access control solutions, including Inner Range and ICT, as well as with VMS systems like NxWitness, give end users significantly enhanced entry management and reporting capabilities, that are especially valuable in low touch environments and in unstaffed reception areas.

Don’t miss the full report on Nirovision’s face recognition system in the May issue of SEN!