Presco products are designed and manufactured in Australia and have had a large market share of the domestic, small commercial and small industrial markets since 1990.

The Presco product range is under regular revision to keep the specs at the fore of the industry. The next series is due for release late in 2021 with backwards compatibility with older Presco products as a standard.

The Presco PAC2 is a dual door access controller that ensures secure door access due to the separation of the controller from the keypads or proximity readers. The unit can be easily programmed onsite using a keypad or via a PC with a PEL1 or PIM.

Features include 12-24V DC or 16-24V AC operation, support for 800 users, control of 2 doors via a split system for enhanced security, support for bulk entry of users, multiple configurations of the DTA inputs; a dedicated DTA input per door control, a DTA input to control both doors, or both DTA inputs to control Door 1 only.

There are 2 heavy duty 5Amp relay contacts for lock control, support for fail safe and fail secure locking schemes, a pair of 1 Amp NO relay contacts for DOTL and door forced alarm outputs, automatic door re-lock function, programmable egress inputs, momentary release for a door output, a hold release for door output and a backward compatibility feature for use with the PACDL datalogger.

There’s a 10-year data memory retention, non-volatile memory, and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Dimensions are 104mm x 72mm x 27mm, operating current is 240mA max and weight is 150g.

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