Vesta Home Portal Platform, distributed in Australia by FHD, is an IP/GPRS-based security management solution designed to the needs of monitoring centres and end-users by maximizing the benefits of IP technology.

The system can monitor a house, detecting danger – including suspicious movement or risk of fire – and sending alarm and event reports to enable immediate response. It’s possible to add automation devices to enhance security and all-around comfort and well-being.

The Vesta portal allows users to remotely control and manage their smart home security system anytime, anywhere. Another feature is energy management that allows users to monitor their electricity usage and to programme the entire home for maximum energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

Indoor and outdoor IP cameras, PIR cameras, and PIR video cameras can be incorporated via the Vesta Home Portal Platform for visual verification and real-time visual monitoring. PIR cameras capture images and record video clips when unauthorized motions are detected. End users and monitoring centres can be notified of events immediately.