A Gallagher access control and security solution integrated with Milestone XProtect is protecting the facilities of medical cannabis supplier, Aurora Cannabis.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, Aurora is a pioneer in global medical cannabis and its team is dedicated to helping people improve their lives. Importantly, Canadian law requires cannabis suppliers meet specific security requirements.

With the company’s previous security systems coming to end of life, Aurora had an opportunity to consolidate and standardize. The company brought on Mike Soberal as senior director of corporate security. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, Soberal took charge of searching for the ideal access control solution.

The security team created a comprehensive document to vet competing systems. Included in this were several mandatory requirements, such as a simple user interface, alarm and video management integrations, and the ability to comply with presence management requirements across multiple facilities.

Health Canada requires that cannabis companies produce reports of a Security Cleared Individual’s (SCI) presence aligned with video documentation. To comply with this regulation, Aurora needed a complete data synchronicity system that included cardholder, event,
and configuration data. In addition, the company required its solution to have the ability to configure reports in real time or by set schedules, available from all locations.

Gallagher met all requirements listed in Soberal’s vetting document and he described the transition as “the smoothest installation and every one of the guards and managers put in front of Gallagher Command Centre were blown away.”

From curb to core, Aurora standardized its security solution while meeting Health Canada regulations across multiple facilities. Presence management and alarm integration provide Aurora the ability to track SCI’s and visitors alike while alerting relevant individuals of system events.

Meanwhile, Gallagher’s Milestone XProtect integration backs presence management data with video authentication. The system also has an automated report generator with customized real-time and scheduled reports sent out through various methods. These solutions provide Aurora the ability to meet all security regulations required by Health Canada.

“The customer service experience we received was awesome – you didn’t need to be at a specific level to solve a problem,” Soberal said. “There was a situation at an outdoor facility and Gallagher worked the problem through in 10 minutes – brilliant. Gallagher hit every mark and exceeded our expectations in ways we had no idea were possible.”