LenelS2 has introduced an Indoor Location subscription-based service for businesses and other organizations using LenelS2’s BlueDiamond mobile app version 2.1.8 for smartphones.

LenelS2 says its new mobile app service complements its touchless access solutions by providing users with the ability to quickly pull up a map to determine current location within a building, search for points of interest, use turn-by-turn directions for efficient navigation and unlock doors directly from a building map.

“Our new BlueDiamond Indoor Location service raises the bar for mobile credential app capabilities,” said LenelS2’s Ernie Chan. “BlueDiamond mobile credential holders can confidently find their way within buildings, enabling easier, more efficient building navigation. This new capability expands the ways credentialed users experience touchless access control, including unlocking doors in their path.”

For LenelS2 OnGuard or NetBox access control security systems customers the Indoor Location service provides app users with facility-wide navigation. In combination with BlueDiamond readers, users can also unlock doors using voice commands or other app features for an enhanced touchless access experience.

The Indoor Location service is hardware-agnostic, allowing it to work with various technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and virtual beacons. Organizations can digitize facility maps and define dynamic points of interest, according to the company. The beacons deployed throughout the facility enable the app to triangulate the smartphone’s location for display on the map.

The Indoor Location service joins the recently announced Contact Notification service as part of BlueDiamond mobile app version 2.1.8 that also includes a variety of non-subscription-based updates to improve the access control and user experience.