Australian-owned ION has released its F11 range of UPS solutions designed for electronic security applications. The range includes the 650VA, 1200VA and 2200VA models.

ION F11 is a general-purpose line interactive UPS that offers protection from power surges and failures and providing clean, reliable power delivery with a transfer time of 2-4 milliseconds. It’s compact and provides multiple power receptacles, USB communications port on the 650VA, 1200VA and 2200VA.

Features include a 3-year advanced replacement warranty, LCD display, boost and buck automatic voltage regulation, which stabilises fluctuating power, easy battery replacement, USB connection for local interface and communications, free software for real time monitoring and safe shutdown of connected equipment, auto-charge even when UPS is off, auto-restart in AC power recovery, modem/phone line surge energy protection of 320 joules, and discharge, overcharge and overload protection.

Across the range, nominal output voltage is 230V, output voltage distortion is less than 5 per cent at full load, output frequency (sync to mains) is 47 – 53Hz for 50Hz nominal and 57 – 63Hz for 60Hz nominal. Batteries are maintenance-free sealed lead acid with a life span of up to 5 years and a recharge time of around 3 hours via mains connection. The LCD status display shows replace battery and overload indicators, and there’s an audible alarm when a supported system goes to the battery, a distinctive low battery alarm and continuous tone overload alarm.

These UPS units are 143mm to 195mm in height, 100mm to 139mm in width and have a depth of 290mm to 364mm, and a net weight of 4.4kg, 8.9kg and 10.4kg, depending on the model. There’s advanced replacement warranty, local pre and post-sales support, and a broad range of solutions from 650VA through to 3-Phase.

You can find out more here – or contact distributors, including BGW Technologies, Sektor, Multimedia Technologies and VSP, for more information.