According to Inner Range, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be the difference between keeping security and access control systems, accounting systems and HR information secure, or not.

Inner Range says businesses that use Integriti will be more secure than ever with the inclusion of 2FA in the latest Integriti Version 21 software release.

2FA is an additional layer of security used to make sure that only an authorised person has access to an online account. A username and password is required, followed by the additional step of utilising something you are or something you know. What you know is personal information such as a username, password or a secret question. What you are is biometrics, such as fingerprints, iris scan, voice print or facial recognition.

The implementation of 2FA within Integriti ensures the high level of security offered by 2FA is accessible to all customers. The initial setup for company-wide use can be completed within a few minutes. Creating a smooth experience for operators was an essential part of the implementation of 2FA within Integriti. Operators will be asked to enrol in 2FA at their next login and the enrolment process takes less than 1 minute. The time taken to login on a daily basis when using 2FA adds only seconds.

Inner Range says 2FA is important because statistically, 1 out of every 10 employees will have their username and password breached and a 2FA implementation means that access is denied even if login details have been compromised. Initial enrolment in 2FA within Integriti is as easy as scanning a QR code and systems administrators can assist operators with single use login tokens if their 2FA device is unavailable.

You can find out more about Inner Range 2FA for Integriti here.