DroneShield's Oleg Vornik.

DroneShield has taken home a 2020 Premier’s NSW Resilient Export Award, after the NSW Government adapted the awards program as a platform to celebrate and promote stories of resilience, perseverance and adapting under pressure from the NSW export community.

“We picked DroneShield because of what they did last year to make their company sustainable, to keep it growing during a really difficult time for everyone in the world,” Export Council of Australia chair Dianne Tipping said.

DroneShield counter-drone technology is control a rising global threat from drones amid concerns about airborne surveillance and potential terror attacks – including those implemented by home-made drones.

“Anyone can go online and build [a drone] with a significant level of capability, completely autonomously and completely anonymously,” DroneShield chief technology officer Angus Bean told SBS recently.

Sydney-based DroneShield has continued to export its solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its technology works by detecting a drone’s signal, then disabling it and forcing it to land safely.