LILIN’s range of covert wired and wireless pinhole cameras offers discreet surveillance, with the IPC0122 delivering 1080P HD surveillance and a 3.7mm pinhole lens available in standard and WiFi variants.

There’s a 6-metre cable connecting the lens to the module that provides installers with a large degree of flexibility in determining the camera location and positioning. Also included in this range is the marine grade, stainless steel IPC0422E4- well suited to installation in harsher environments. Initially intended for yachts with their high protection rating, the sleek design of this model has made this model an optimal choice for high end residential installations.

Features of the IPC0122P3 pinhole camera include:

* Covert IP camera
* Easy to install and flexible mounting option
* Discreet and functional design
* Power over Ethernet
* Video surveillance for ATMs
* HD resolution with 5MP CMOS sensor
* For concealed applications
* 1080p HD resolution.