Gunyama Aquatic & Leisure Centre at Green Square in Sydney has installed Centaman EasyGate SPT entrance gates.

The largest pool complex in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics, the facility has had a steady number of visitors since it opened its doors in the rapidly-growing Green Square neighbourhood on 1 February. Facility designers chose Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SPT to automatically keep visitors flowing through the busy $106 million complex.

Centaman Entrance Control’s Michael Bystram said architects intended entry to the centre to be like an urban living room, and movement through the centre is carefully orchestrated to create separate zones.

“We wanted to work with the architects to provide entrance control gates that matched their vision,” Bystram said. “The complex has 2 sets of 3-lane gates at the main reception and one at the gym entrance on level 1 of the building, with each set having 2 lanes for entry and 1 for exiting.”

Fitted out with Centaman’s Magnetic Direct Drive motor, the SPT model offers quiet operation and fast opening and closing times, for speedy throughput and high security. The gates have waist-height glass barriers, rather than the common 1.8m height, so they do not detract from the building’s aesthetic, which was inspired by the beach pools of Sydney.

More than 30,000 new residential dwellings are expected in Green Square by 2030 and the Gunyama centre, which sits at the heart of the urban renewal area, is part of City of Sydney’s development plans. The aquatic and recreation centre features a 50m outdoor pool within a large, irregular-shaped ‘beach pool’, indoor pools and a gym, all set within a park that has play equipment, a boardwalk and native landscaping.

“Leisure centres often select the EasyGate SG, but the large Gunyama centre opted for the premium SPT model,” Bystram said. “It has worked well for the busy Gunyama centre, which needed a high-security option that could keep up with the traffic.”

When members sign up to the state-of-the-art gym or pool, they are issued membership cards or radio-frequency identification tags that can be scanned at the entrance gates for instant access. The EasyGate SPT works with the facility’s leisure management system and is future-proofed with the possibility of setting up an iPad point-of-sale system.

Self-service kiosks help to ease customer congestion at reception and allow staff to help customers with queries and membership sales. The kiosks have been invaluable for the facility while Covid-19 is in the community because they help to reduce queues make social distancing easier. Colour-coded lights alert users when they can safely pass through the gates and differentiate between entry and exit points.