Gallagher’s latest version of Command Centre delivers smart features, including mobile credential syncing between sites, cutting-edge integrations, and enhancements for increased site security and user efficiency.

Intelligent advancements such as the cipher pad feature for Gallagher’s T20 and T21 readers ensures added layers of protection for high security sites requiring strengthened PIN safety. Cardholder PINs are protected from ‘shoulder-surfing’ by randomizing keypad numbers when a card is presented, with capability to adapt functions for visually impaired users.

“We continually strive to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs from smaller sites to high security facilities requiring an increased level of protection,” said Gallagher’s Meredith Palmer.

“Smart features within the v8.50 release such as our cipher pad functionality, provide critical sites with flexibility, added security, and the reassurance they’re as protected as possible.”

Mobile Connect credentials can now be synchronized between trusted sites, saving administration costs, and providing a frictionless cardholder experience. In addition, efficiency improvements with increased controller support allows more controllers in a single server environment, reducing the overhead of controller communication on the server and allowing greater resource to serve other areas.

Customizable T20 and T21 reader messaging also provides better clarity for cardholders when entering or exiting a site, with customized access denied and granted display messages.

Enhancements to the TK Elevator integration allows sites to personalize each cardholder’s elevator journey with Passenger Options to suit their specific requirements, ideal when managing ease of access for critical care within hospitals, VIP personnel movement, or technical and service access needs.

Gallagher Command Centre v8.50 was released on 25th May 2021.