As millions of mice make their way from farmland in central NSW to metropolitan areas across Sydney, there are growing concerns around potential impacts to security systems.

Cables have been identified as a vulnerability as mice are looking to for warm places to nest, such as server racks.

“Installers should be reaching out to customers now to install rodent resistant cabling before the winter months,” said Hills’ Jeff Corr. “It’s easier and safer to take preventative measures than to replace damaged cables in a rodent infested area.”

In anticipation of a spike in demand during the current mouse plague across South-Eastern Australia, Corr said Hills has stocked up on ArmourCord Cat6A U/FTP armoured slim patch cable, which is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, including pests and rodent damage, harsh weather, foot or vehicular traffic, and force and movement.

“Crafted with a SUS 304 stainless steel shell, these cables are tough but still flexible and slim at only 4.7mm in diameter,” Corr said. “They offer a protected cabling installation without compromising any performance or speed, particularly with Datamaster’s Cat6A Slim ArmourCord.”

Corr said even one damaged cable could disable the most sophisticated system, leaving premises vulnerable to threats such as theft, intrusion, or vandalism.

“It’s about us as security experts providing the advice to our customers, alerting them to this threat and making sure they have the right equipment to withstand it,” Corr said.

You can find out more about ArmourCord here.