Integriti V21 has significantly enhanced its CCTV capabilities with the addition of field of view (FOV) for CCTV cameras, PTZ presets and show CCTV at point, significantly enhancing situational awareness for operators.

The Field of View (FOV) displayed on the Schematics Map is now directly configurable from within the schematics editor for any integrated devices such as surveillance cameras. Any cameras placed on schematics can be visualised from the schematic. Operators can easily enable or disable the which FOV is displayed on schematics viewer. All FOVs can be shown at the same time to allow viewing of the full CCTV coverage for a schematic, all FOVs can be manually hidden or only the FOV for the currently selected device can be shown.

FOVs can be added for any element on a schematic representing an integrated device by simply right-clicking on the element and selecting ‘add fixed FOV’ or ‘add PTZ FOV’, then choosing from ‘simple FOV’ or ‘advanced FOV’.

Situational awareness during highly dynamic events is significantly enhanced by the introduction of the ‘show CCTV at point’ feature. On the schematics, a simple right click on a specific area will show all cameras with a field of view (FOV) covering the area, and PTZ cameras will be triggered to go the appropriate preset.

The operator would be able to easily follow an intruder or other events through an unfamiliar building by simply moving through the map section by section and using the ‘show CCTV at point’ feature as required.

With PTZ management, the ability to respond rapidly to live events, review history or conduct virtual guard tours has been increased by the enhancement of the existing PTZ preset functions. Operators can now easily and efficiently navigate through the system by utilising the new PTZ interface built into the schematics.

PTZs can be triggered through the schematic map to go directly to a preset position, management software can automatically send the camera to the specified PTZ preset when showing video from that associated entity, or it can automatically move a camera to be facing the entity triggering an event when showing live CCTV for that event.

New Integriti V21 Features Allow Operators To:

* Quickly and easily identify which cameras cover a specific area.
* View live Access Control and Intruder events along with CCTV of the scene through a single interface.
* Trigger a PTZ to move to a specific location based on access control and intruder events
* Display all CCTV cameras covering a specific point on the map with a single mouse click
* Display camera FOV