UNV Prime-I SB series AI cameras offer resolutions of 4MP, 5MP and 8MP and Lighthunter technology, and serve as the SMB-level AI products of UNV’s whole AI products line.

The UNV Prime-I SB series AI product is powered by AI deep learning to support smart intrusion prevention. Focusing on pedestrian and vehicle only, it greatly reduces the false alarm. Users can easily switch between cross line mode and intrusion mode.

Lighthunter technology is driven by a 1/2.7-inch sensor and F1.8 iris lens, which enables the camera to present a colourful image under low light illumination environment down to 0.003lux.

Prime-I SB AI series cameras deliver fewer false alarms, higher accuracy, high retrieval efficiencies and better performance thanks to UNV’s starlight technology. UNV says the range is suitable for many surveillance scenarios like carparks, campuses and factories.