Security Exhibition & Conference, to be held at the ICC Darling Harbour in Sydney from July 21-23 (pre-register here), can hardly come soon enough for an industry starved of the biochemical reactivity of human/technology contact.

As lucky as we’ve been in Australia, and especially in NSW, when it comes to side-stepping the worst effects of COVID-19, for the past 14 months getting together on a large scale to check out the latest electronic security solutions has been impossible.

Between July 21-23 we get a chance to change that, and we don’t know about you lot, but we’re absolutely gagging to get face time with industry friends and partners, as well as getting our eyes on all the latest solutions.

This last year-and-a-half has seen significant changes in security technology as manufacturers have leaned in on research and development, working hard to ensure their newest products offer the highest possible levels of safety, security, intelligence and automation. Getting a moment of technological synthesis across these changes makes Security 2021 too big an opportunity to miss.

We’d like to encourage everybody eligible who is planning to attend to get onto their COVID-19 vaccinations and to pack their biggest smiles, because this year’s Security Exhibition & Conference is going to be an event like no other.

  • Readers should note that Security 2021 has now been postponed until November due to a COVID outbreak in Sydney.