Dahua has released the DH-PFR4K-E120 Adopt 24 GHZ radar, delivering 24/7 all-weather, high-accuracy detection in the range of with an angle of view of 120 degrees and a range of 120 metres.

The unit support radar-PTZ smart tracking and is compatible with common Dahua speed domes. With radar detection and intelligent algorithms, low false positives and zero false negatives are achieved, according to Dahua.

Multiple PTZ cameras can be linked to one radar, and there’s wide range global arming, and detail tracking. It’s possible to programme different alarm priorities, external alarm linkages, human and vehicle filtering, and vehicle detection at low and medium speeds.

Radar controlled camera tracking is low latency and radar-PTZ linkage is displayed via web browser, with one radar can link supporting multiple cameras. Video stream acquisition, and map and trajectory display on NVR or platform is also supported.

An intelligent algorithm is used to identify complex scenes and achieve high accuracy in different scenarios. Alarms are triggered once radar detection range is covered or radar is rotated substantially and the unit supports human and vehicle recognition.

Features of the Dahua DH-PFR4K-E120 include:

* Meets IP67 and IK09 ingress protection, and FCC ID and CE RED standards.
* Range: 120
* Angle of detection: 120 degrees horizontal, 36 degrees vertical
* Power consumption is 10W
* Dimensions mm: 205 x 158 x 67mm
* Operating Temp -40 to 70C.