DSX Mobile Command smart phone application allows the activation of custom predefined commands, the locking\unlocking of doors, control of alarm points and the monitoring of system events from a mobile, secure application.

Global functions such as building, campus and district lockdown, incident response reconfiguration and repetitive chores, such as momentarily unlocking a door or granting access to a gate, can be programmed into command buttons for easy activation.

An administrator can lockdown any school in the district or every school from one command button. Each building or an entire campus can be controlled quickly through this smart phone application using Wi-Fi or mobile cell service.

Each mobile operator is defined in WinDSX and assigned the appropriate commands and privileges that provide the convenient interaction, supervision and monitoring of all points of protection and doors under their responsibility.

DSX Mobile Command can be configured with custom command buttons. These buttons can be configured to do most anything the system allows. The commands page can consist of one button or pages of predefined buttons.

Once the mobile operator logs into the system, they are brought to the commands screen. The mobile operator can be restricted to this screen only. If allowed, the operator will be able to access the menu and other functions.

Mobile Command features an event screen where system activity can be monitored – events such as access granted, access denied, and alarms can be seen in real time.