SALTO’s new Neoxx padlock series offers an additional level of security to control doors like gates or storage areas, with security enhanced by removing the mechanical key and adding mobile app operation and contactless smart keycard managed by an advanced web-based access control technology platform.

SALTO Neoxx padlock has an armoured cover case with double-layered structure to protect the padlock from falls and shocks. There is also an additional UV protection to withstand the solar impact. The reinforced bumpers around the body protect the most sensitive parts of the padlock and absorb the energy of any fall, protecting the electronics and the mechanics to maintain the operability making it both robust and all-weather resistant.

Robust and durable, this electronic padlock features IP68 water resistance and dust protection for harsh environments and extreme climates. Power comes from 4 x LR1 batteries and there’s low battery status monitoring of battery levels. Neoxx features a suite of SALTO applications and is fully compatible with the rest of the SALTO smart electronic hardware locking platform.

Neoxx uses BLUEnet wireless, allowing businesses to connect to their local network via advanced SVN technology, or to the cloud with the SALTO KS cloud-hosted access management platform. SALTO JustIN Mobile technology is also integrated, giving users and system administrators the capability to send or receive a digital key, enhancing authentication levels.